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Unit 7 Photoshoot Outtakes.

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“People will stare, make it worth their while” – Harry Winston.

This Gentleman’s quote, whether used in this context or not, has the vision of fashion success. D.Lo is all about “The Original Statement”. Your success comes from who you are, the effort you put in life and believe it or not, it also comes from the confidence of your fashion sense and grooming methods. You know, once in a while you look in that mirror when you’re getting ready and you ask yourself, either out loud or in your mind “Do I look good?”. What you should be asking is “Am I making a statement?, Do I stand out?, Will I be noticed in a large crowd? and am I looking prime?”. These are the questions that a true dapper lady or gentlemen would ask themselves, to endure success. Bringing your inner celebrity out to the big wide world is most important. First impressions are everything, so make sure when your being noticed, your noticed for the right reasons. Nobody cares for uncombed hair, holey trousers and unmanicured nails (and yes this does apply to you men!). You might think that this is all acceptable, but it is these small things that get noticed and do not leave a lasting successful impression. 

So here are D.Lo’s TIPS for you ladies and gentlemen to stay vivacious and maintained…


  1. Keep that breath fresh, nobody will take you seriously if your breath is doing all the talking.
  2. If your lips are white and you weren’t eating a sugared bun. What do you need? Chapstick!
  3. Ladies, if your going to wear peep toe shoes, please buy the right size. No-one likes to see your toes trying to escape. Its called “PEEP” for a reason.
  4. White socks with smart shoes is a fashion faux pas. Your socks should make a statement with colour and individuality. Leave those white socks at the gym or even better in the bin!
  5. There is nothing wrong with being a label-lover, BUT discretion is the name of the game. After all you are aiming to look like an incredible version of yourself, and not a walking advertisement. We call this disaster, “Branding Indulgence”.
  6. Lastly, INVEST IN D.Lo LONDON, because you’ll love the quality, the fabric and the fit. Our fashion will always lead to a lasting impression of poise and triumph.

“If you dress successful, you will be successful!”, D.Lo London “Founders of the Original Statement”.


Photoshoot Ready.

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D.Lo Crusade hits Brick Lane E1

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Designers of L.F.W.2012

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London Fashion Week is in full swing and D.Lo London would like to share with you some designers that inspire us.


Born in Korea, Eudon Choi initially trained in menswear design. Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of tailoring techniques and has a great eye for detail. After attending Royal College of Arts, he mastered in womens wear. Eudon Choi and D.Lo London share similar visions of absorbing feminine and masculine elements in fashion.


Eley Kishimoto, known as “The Patron Saint of Print.” Like D.Lo, the Eley Kishimoto brand represents a lifestyle, not just in clothing they design, but the message that they portray. When you first see the designs their intention is quite clear in what they express with their fashion. Like D.Lo they represent bold, bright and unique creativity.


If high fashion is something you’re not into, Philip Treacy is someone who may persuade you otherwise. The Cirque du Soleil of the catwalk, this is someone who “Lady Gaga” is definitely into. Philip Treacy is what many brands inspire to become. His designs exemplify D.Lo London’s saying of being, “The Original Statement”. D.Lo London will encapsulate the Philip Treacy concept of being noticed. We will implant this into wearable garments.


Ms. Westwood brings the adaptions of historical construction into modern clothing. This definitely embodies D.Lo London’s brand philosophy. “If it’s not broke why fix it, just make it look better”, D.Lo London. The D.Lo brand will take traditional garments and transform them to become a unique statement. For the people who wear the D.Lo brand, they will stand out radiating originality and confidence.

All of these designers cover an element and foundation of the D.Lo London brand. From Eudon Choi’s interpretation of masculine femininity, to Philip Treacy outlandish designs. One thing all of these designers have in common, is that they all have a connection to London. Whether born, raised or educated all these designers, We believe have been influenced by the London mixing pot of culture. D.Lo London is a brand that demands attention to be noticed by consumers and competitors.

D.Lo London “The Founders of The Original Statement Down Lo”.

A little Extra by the D.Lo London Design Team…


Only in London…

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The D.Lo Street Crusade!

This street campaign is set up to spread the word, that this new London brand is here to be seen and to make a statement. We are hitting the streets of London to seek out people with unique style and originality and who stand out from the crowd. D.Lo does predominantly want to showcase its fashion, but also the London culture which influences its style. London is at the centre of European fashion, therefore people travel all over the world to get a glimpse of our elegance, heritage, class and popular trends.

We will be calling on all London towns! So dress indivual!

D.Lo London “The Founders of the Original Statement Down Lo”.